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Victorsys Technology is a subsidiary company of Victor´s holding, with 36 years devoted to development of customized hardware and software studio solutions for broadcasting Tv & Cable & Radio stations.
DigiSpot DTS - A Digital TV System for broadcast operations with exclusive features included on the system  like PlayList, Ingest, Character Generator, Closed Caption, Ingest & Play, Live CC Encoder, Live Video  Switching, etc.
Andromeda Media Server - A hardware based on the reliable X3650 Lenovo - IBM server, Matrox video cards  with AMP protocol.
Compatible with Eva Automation Media Server Software.
EVA Automation Media Server Software - Delivers excelent flexibility and reliablity for broadcast operations  and automation on video servers including Victor Andromeda and Grass Valley K2 Summit.
DigiSpot CC - A Closed Caption Encoder that inserts captions to live SDI HD/SD video signals. It can insert  captions using pre formated text, direct typing through a keyboard or stenotype or through recognition of  voice.
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